ABTEC Rhizobium (1 Kg)

ABTEC Rhizobium (1 Kg)

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1 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION ABTEC Rhizobium is a bio fertilizer containing a symbiotic nitrogen fixing organism of leguminous plants called Brady Rhizobium. ABTEC Rhizobium is available as wettable powder formulation only.

Brady Rhizobium

2 x 107 cfu/g.


Rhizobium is a soil microbe which lives in symbiotic association with leguminous plants. Rhizobium colonizes the root nodules of legumes and fixes nitrogen utilizing the host carbohydrates as energy source. A minimum of 25 - 30 kg Nitrogen per hectare per season is fixed through it's actions, which exceeds plant usage. The excess nitrogen is left in the soil which is available for the later crops. This in turn contributes 10 to 25% increase in yield along with mineralization of other nutrients.


ABTEC Rhizobium is used only for leguminous plants (pulses) like cow pea, beans, ground nuts, soybean, green gram, black gram, bengal gram etc.


ABTEC Rhizobium is normally used for seed treatment and pit application the normal dosage being 20 g/plant.

Seed treatment: Spray the seeds with a sticky / gummy solution like starch solution or jaggery solution, so that the surface of the seed will be wet. Take ABTEC Rhizobium in a tray (@ 25 g/1 kg of seeds), add the wet seeds to this and gently mix by rolling the seeds in the powder so that the seeds will be coated uniformly. Dry the seeds in shade for 30 minutes and sow within a day. For seedlings, dip the seedlings in a slurry of ABTEC Rhizobium (make a 5 - 10% slurry in sticky solution) for 5 - 10 minutes before planting.
Pit Application: Apply 20 g to each pit with compost while planting, along with organic manure.
Product Specifications
Shelf Life 6 Months
Formulation Powder
Packing 1 Kg

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