Embracing Sustainability

ABTEC is a leading bio science company established in 1993, dedicated to develop products and solutions through advanced scientific research to improve human, animal and plant health. With a strong commitment to innovation, we provide solutions to our customers worldwide. Our mission is to develop natural and organic products that will empower our customers and benefit the society. At ABTEC, we are driven by a passion for innovation and a commitment to advancing the frontiers of bio sciences. Founded on the principles of research excellence and a dedication to improving plant health and the environment, we later have emerged as a leading force in the bio science industry.

Committed to Conserve Nature

We at ABTEC are committed to conserve nature by promoting natural, organic and bio products to our customers. Our Bio input unit is the first in Kerala and we are proud to say that our farmers are able to avoid chemicals fertilizers and toxic pesticides substituting it with our Bio Fertilizers and Bio Pesticides.

The Abtec

We believe that nothing can substitute experience and that’s exactly what our ABTEC roots serve.

ABTEC is one of the pioneers in India to establish a Microbial Inoculant based Bio Inputs production unit in India. The commercial production started during the year 1993 at industrial Area, Poovanthuruth – P.O, Kottayam, Kerala. Initially we started off as a unit manufacturing Bio fertilizers such as Azospirillum, Azatobacter, Rhizobium, Phosphobacteria, VAM and Bio Potash. Subsequently we added a number of Bio control agents, Bio Pesticides and Organic Manure to the range of products. Currently apart from full range of Bio Inputs, ABTEC is into the research & development of natural repellents, hygienic and home care products, personal care products etc.

The Tale
of Our

The forces changed, yet the essence remains the same.

Back in 1991, when little was known about Bio fertilizers and farmers were fully into conventional farming. During that time an ambitious middle class boy from Kerala, happened to meet a young Agricultural scientist from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore. It was K J Jacob current Chairman of ABTEC and Late. Dr. D Clarson who later together started ABTEC. The first lab was set up in 1991 in a small room in Jacob’s house in Kottayam, Kerala. They performed trials after trials and failures after failure, managed to get started with one product that is Azospirillum. Due to lack of infrastructure to maintain a sterile microbiology lab, Jacob started searching for industrial land and finally managed to get one land in a new Industrial Area developed by the industries department in Poovanthuruth, Kottayam. They had confidence in the product but had no funds to invest. Pledging Jacob’s house, he managed to get a loan from Kerala Financial Corporation (KFC). The year is 1993 and thus ABTEC was born. The then Cabinet Minister for Agriculture in India, S Krishna Kumar inaugurated the first bio fertilizer lab in Kerala on 3rd of January 1993. The rest is history.

Our Products & Services

The forces changed, yet the essence remains the same.

1. Organic & Bio Agricultural Products: Our agricultural products and solutions enhance crop productivity and sustainability.
2. Natural Repellents: Our natural repellents are effective and environmentally friendly alternatives for keeping unwanted insects and will animals at bay.
3. Home Care Products: Our portfolio includes innovative home care and hygienic products designed to improve the quality of your life.
4. Environmental Products: We develop eco-friendly technologies and strategies to protect and preserve our environment.
5. Planting Materials: As part of green initiative we are maintaining a plant nursery for propagatingvariety of fruit plants, shade trees and hedge plants by grafting, budding, cutting and seed propagations.

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