Guiding Visionaries,
Forging the Future

Discover the individuals who steer our organization with unwavering vision and expertise, forging a path towards a brighter future. Learn about their dedication, passion, and commitment to excellence, which propels our mission forward. Meet the leaders shaping our destiny and empowering our team to reach new heights.

KJ Jacob


Dr P Sivaprasad

MSc. Microbiology, PhD.
Director of Research

Dr. Mithilesh Jaiswal

MSc. Phd.
Head of Research

Dr Hemand Aravind

Bio Chemistry, PhD.
Head of Research - Integrated Bio Chemistry

Our Driving Values

ABTEC is focused on ground breaking discoveries and deliver innovative solutions that harness the power of biological science for the betterment of society and the planet. All our research works are focused on developing a sustainable product.

What Sets Us Apart:
  • Cutting-Edge Research: We invest in cutting-edge research to uncover novel bio insights, allowing us to develop ground breaking solutions that address some of the world’s most pressing challenges.
  • Passionate Team: Our team of scientists, researchers, and experts are united by a shared passion for bio science. We foster a collaborative and dynamic work environment where innovation thrives.
  • Commitment to Sustainability: We are dedicated to environmental responsibility. Our products and processes are designed with sustainability in mind, minimizing our impact on the planet.
  • Global Impact: Our products have a global reach, touching lives by improving agriculture, hygiene, healthcare and the environment.

Creating Future

ABTEC is focused on becoming a global leader in bio science research and development, pushing the boundaries of what is possible and driving positive change through our products and services.

Our Key Focus Areas:
1. Agricultural Innovation: Our agricultural solutions leverage bio science to boost crop yields, plant health, improve food security, and promote sustainable farming practices.
2. Environmental Stewardship: We’re committed to addressing environmental challenges through biotechnological advancements, from pollution mitigation to conservation efforts.
3. Home Care: We are dedicated to making everyday life better and more comfortable with sustainable high quality natural products through our Biochemistry R&D team.
4. Healthcare Solutions: We are into the research of developing novel diagnostic kits, nutraceuticals, and pro biotic products to combat diseases and enhance the quality of life.
5. Plants & Trees: Plants and trees are of paramount importance to our environment and human society. We focus on propagating fruit trees and shade trees.

Pioneering Bio Agriculture:
ABTEC's 30-Year Journey

ABTEC had been into research along with the commercial production of Bio Fertilizers & Bio Pesticides ever since the company was incorporated back in 1993.