Dr. Mithilesh Jaiswal

MSc. Phd.
Head of Research

Dr. Mithilesh Jaiswal is a distinguished microbiologist with over 15 years of research experience. His work primarily revolves around understanding the intricate world of microorganisms and their impact on various aspects of plant health, humans and the environment. Ever since Dr. Jaiswal took over as Microbilogy Head, ABTEC’s R&D team is working 24×7 in various aspects of microbes.

Key Achievements and Contributions:

Pioneering Research: Dr. Jaiswal is renowned for his groundbreaking research in the field of microbial ecology, where he has elucidated the complex interactions between microorganisms in diverse ecosystems, from the soil to the human gut.

Environmental Impact: His research has also explored the role of microorganisms in environmental processes, including bioremediation and the nutrients in aquatic systems.

Education and Mentorship: Dr. Jaiswal is a dedicated educator and mentor, training the next generation of microbiologists and fostering a passion for scientific inquiry among his team.

Collaborations: He has established extensive collaborations with both national and international research institutions, fostering interdisciplinary research and innovation.

Publications: Dr. Jaiswal has authored numerous research papers in prestigious scientific journals, contributing significantly to the body of knowledge in microbiology.

In his role as the Head of Microbiology Research, Dr.Jaiswal continues to push the boundaries of our understanding of microorganisms, their roles in ecosystems, and their applications in plants, animals and humans. His dedication to advancing microbiology has a profound impact on ABTEC and various fields and has the potential to address critical challenges facing society today.

Pioneering Bio Agriculture:
ABTEC's 30-Year Journey

ABTEC had been into research along with the commercial production of Bio Fertilizers & Bio Pesticides ever since the company was incorporated back in 1993.