KJ Jacob


Greetings from ABTEC, the organic people.

ABTEC, the name comes from Agro bio tec, where ‘agriculture’, ‘bio’ or ‘life’ and ‘technology’ unite to form a green, sustainable and robust corporate presence. It, in fact, evidences our corporate stance of technology for sustainable agriculture. We had, right from the inception, been involved in realizing technological innovations that foster all forms of life above and beneath the surface cover of mother earth. At a time when organic means of farming was looked down upon by policy makers as well as progressive farmers, our voice was practically lone and hence easy to be neglected. Despite it, our strong conviction of imminent failure of chemical farming made us uphold tirelessly the message of life giving farming which the world now embraces as the sustainable alternative.

So much being said about our early days and the evolvement of our staunch belief in evergreen farming, I have great pleasure to invite you to our impressive product range and infrastructural edge that keep us winning and poised to take up fresh challenges in organic farming. From seeds to planting bags, from growing medium to care of sprouts, from growth support to plant protection, from live fighters to live advice we are proud to have an all pervading presence in the farming sector of our nation. We are really excited to be where we are now. A local brand of Kerala has now grown to a nation-wide presence and even while growing, the commitment to green option of farming has been preserved with all assiduousness.

From the beginning of ABTEC, we have succeeded because we have stayed true to our core values-putting farmers first, pursuing excellence, embracing change, acting with integrity and serving sustainability of farming above everything else. Challenges make us spring forward, innovations fuel us growth and adequate planning keeps us positively responsible. Above all, we have great friends, associates and well-wishers like your good self and this relation will lead us to fresher pastures and newer heights. Let us grow together.

Pioneering Bio Agriculture:
ABTEC's 30-Year Journey

ABTEC had been into research along with the commercial production of Bio Fertilizers & Bio Pesticides ever since the company was incorporated back in 1993.